We are excited to invite you to our 1st Annual Environmental Toxins & Genomics Conference in Denver, Colorado! 


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Are you frustrated on how to effectively help patients with high inflammation, anxiety and depression, mold sensitivity, multiple chemical sensitivity, EMF sensitivity, Lyme Disease, fibromyalgia and other modern day health challenges? Health experts are recognizing that environmental toxins that we were not exposed to 50-75 years ago are taxing our ability to detox and neutralize free radicals. Consequently, an emerging field of discovering how to deal with environmental toxins is on the rise. The NutriGenetic Research Institute is striving to be a leader in this field to learn how genetic and epigenetic factors combine together to contribute to toxicity and inflammation in the body that can lead to less than optimal health.

The conference speaker lineup will be hosting the most prestigious & knowledgeable figures in functional medicine along with the NutriGenetic Research Institute staff, to help you understand how you can find potential genetic nutritional weaknesses and compensation methods in Phase 1, Phase 2 detox pathway and autophagy.

In this fast paced seminar, you will learn how to use custom software and personalized nutrition to offer support to compromised detox pathways, and NADPH, which is needed to recycle antioxidants. In addition, Bob Miller will be presenting his groundbreaking research on what he is calling the “NADPH Steal”, based on scientific findings that the NADPH oxidase enzyme is being overstimulated by environmental toxins.

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