We are excited to invite you to our Functional Genomics Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania! 

For the first day of this conference, we will be focusing on our research on autism and the balancing of neurotransmitters. The following days will instruct attendees on how to use the software to analyze the genome from a functional standpoint.

Additionally, we will be reviewing how the software allows practitioners to create a custom supplement for clients. By teaming up with Personalized Nutrients, we now offer the capability to pick and choose ingredients and their amounts to make a custom-made product just for patients. This not only reduces the need for multiple bottles of supplements, it also greatly increases compliance and illuminates the need for unnecessary stock while still ensuring that patients are getting quality supplementation.

After the two days, our goal is that you will have the confidence to use the Your Genomic Resource data to put together nutritional dietary programs efficiently and easily, taking your practice to a new level.

Topics Include:

How environmental factors & genetic weakness may impact mood, behavior & mental health.
How to interpret functional genomics & create custom formulas.

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