NutriGenetic Research Institute is committed to providing resources to educate both the public and practitioners about genetic variants and how they may impact overall heath and wellness.

General Public

For more information about genetic variants or to find a health professional who can interpret your functional genetic information from raw data from Your Genomic Resource or 23andMe* (version 4 only), please click here.

Health Practitioners


A Functional Genomic Analysis™ (formerly MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis™) 
online certification program is now available below.

This 14-module course is designed to give practitioners the information needed to begin their journey becoming a nutritional genetic consultant. It highlights the basic premise of Functional Genomic Analysis™ (formerly MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis™) as well as the fundamental principles behind nutritional supplementation to compensate for genetic variants. The course is based upon the Pyramid approach, developed by Robert Miller utilizing his research findings, and the Functional Genomic Analysis™ proprietary software.

Module # 1 - The Basics: Fundamental Principles, Enzymes, DNA, Genetic Testing, Urine Organic Acid Testing, Comparing SNPs to Labs and Symptoms and an Introduction to the Software

Module # 2 - Gut/Digestion, Food Sensitivities, Gluten, Histamine, Dairy, FUT2, ABP1, HNMT, Zonulin, Gentle Detox/Getting Started

Module # 3 - Free Radicals, Antioxidants, Glutathione, SOD, Catalase, Nrf2, PON1, NOS Uncoupling, Iron Oxidation and Excess Glutamate

Module # 4 - Digestion of Fats, Carbs, and Proteins, Mitochondrial Function, Ammonia, Methionine and Transsulfuration Cycle, Sulfites, Sulfates

Module # 5 - Neurotransmitter Basics, Measuring Neurotransmitters, BH4, Supporting Healthy Neurotransmitters

Module # 6 - Nitric Oxide, Circulation

Module # 7 - Vitamin A & D, ATM, CYP/NRF2, Herbicide/Pesticide, PON1, Electrical Sensitivity, CACNA1C

Module # 8 - Methylation-Under/Over, Prepare & Support, B12, Folate

Module # 9 - mTOR and Autophagy

Module # 10 – Functional Genomic Analysis™ (formerly MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis™) 
Pyramid Practicum Part 1

Module # 11 – Functional Genomic Analysis™ (formerly MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis™)  
Pyramid Practicum Part 2

Module # 12 – Functional Genomic Analysis™ (formerly MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis™) 
Pyramid Practicum Part 3

Module # 13 – Functional Genomic Analysis™ (formerly MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis™) 
Pyramid Practicum Part 4

Module # 14 – Functional Genomic Analysis™ (formerly MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis™) 
Pyramid Practicum Part 5

Practitioners need to listen to each module in the order they are presented and answer the questions at the end.

After completion of the online course, and the submission of two case studies, practitioners will receive a “Certification” from the NutriGenetic Research Institute. This course does not provide CEU’s and has no credit towards any degrees or licensing, but just shows that the non-accredited course was completed.

In addition to the online course, practitioners have free access to a live webinar held every other Thursday evening, where we bring new educational information and a case study to learn together.

The first three modules are offered at no cost, and the cost to complete modules 4-14 is $495, which includes videos and tests. Upon completion and passing all the tests, practitioners receive certification and will be listed on, a website for the general public to learn about genetic variants and how they impact health. The website also has resources to help locate a health care professional who understands supporting genetics as part of their overall health care.

For additional information on our comprehensive genetic nutrition training program, please download our brochure.


Live classes, available to practitioners instead of the online course, are held in major cities across the country. Click here for a list of upcoming classes. Additional information on our comprehensive genetic nutrition training program, is available by downloading our brochure.


Our 2018 Hershey, PA Functional Genomics Conference recording is now available! Click here to order.

See below what practitioners had to say about our 2018 Hershey, PA Conference!


Functional Genomic Analysis™ (formerly MethylGenetic Nutrition Analysis) is an easy to use, inexpensive software that enables practitioners to assess, analyze and design support™ for clients/patients using their raw genetic data. To learn more about this cloud based software, please click here or download our software brochure.


Created specifically for practitioner use only, Your Genomic Resource has customized a DNA kit that now provides 200,000 SNPs. This raw data looks at various pathways involved in functional nutritional support and helps to tell a more comprehensive story of gene function. Our goal in building this completely custom array was to ensure control of the content, as well as provide a safeguard so that the content would never expire, like previously used tests. To learn more about this DNA test, please click here.

While this DNA test kit cannot be used to diagnose disease, our Functional Genomic Analysis software allows you to analyze the raw data, assess disturbances in body function, and design supportive protocols.

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